village vet clinic gives insight about students taking care of pets at Auburn.

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Comment by kate woods on August 4, 2008 at 9:07pm
My sweet little puppy Charlotte had to go to the vet this week. Poor baby, she absolutely hates the vet. She knows before we even leave the house that she is visiting the dreaded vet. I had to drag her from underneath the couch because she could sense where she was about to go. The funny thing is, her vet is so sweet to her and keeps her healthy. I wish she could understand that. Every time the vet technician clips her fingernails, she tries to bite him and he has to wrap her head in a towel so she can't chew his arm off. When I was at the clinic, I got to thinking about pets and how many of my friends have dogs and cats. I even have a friend who has a bearded dragon. I have a fish too! A ton of my guy friends have Labradors and Golden Retrievers. Some of them just like having big dogs around and some bring their dogs hunting. One of my guy friends has a German Shorthair Retriever and he is great at retrieving quail. I have several girl friends who have little dogs like I do. Some have Yorkshires and Chihuahuas and other little lap dogs. I know of a lot of students who adopt dogs and cats from the Lee County Humane Society. Others get purebred dogs from home or from a breeder.
When I was at the vet, I asked Jennifer, one of the vet technicians at Village Veterinary Clinic on Opeilka Road about her job. I was curious to know if she noticed that a lot of students have pets at Auburn. She said that a good percentage of their clients are Auburn students. When I asked her if students are responsible with their pets she said that overall they are good care takers. She told me a story about a boy who called worried about his Weimerianer. He told Jennifer that the dog had eaten an entire pizza, cinnamon sticks, and a gallon of ice cream. She said she could hear the dog moaning and crying in the background. That story reminded me of a time that my dog, Charlotte, knocked over our trash can while my roommate and I were away at class. She ate an entire rotisserie chicken out of the garbage. We came home to find her lying on her side, whimpering. She could not even move and could barely breathe. I frantically called the vet and they were so helpful and told me exactly what to do to take care of my gluttonous dog. It is so nice to have a veterinarian in town who I can call to help me and other students take care of all of the dogs in Auburn.



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