Valentine’s Day leaves many college students wondering what to do with their significant other or what to do alone. Many decisions face college students daily so why should we worry about what to do on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a stressful day. You should be able to spend quality time with your significant other or just your friends and celebrate the day of love.

Here are some thoughts from students and non-students about what Valentine’s Day means to them and what they’ll spend the day doing. I interviewed a married couple, Drew and Bailey Himel from Jacksonville, Fla., and asked them what they will be doing for Valentine’s Day. Bailey said she wasn’t sure what they will be doing but always loves that Valentine’s Day reveals something new about each of them and their relationship. Secretly Drew Himel told me he had a surprise weekend planned for him and Bailey. Drew said they would be going to a bed and breakfast for the weekend on Amelia Island.

I interviewed another couple from Jacksonville who have been dating for three years Tess Eichhorn and Matt Pettry. When I asked Eichhorn what Valentine’s Day means to her she said “Valentine’s Day is just another day we get to show each other how much we love each other, I just usually get candy on Valentine’s Day!” Pettry said for Valentine’s Day they’ll probably cook dinner at home so they can avoid the crowded restaurants and then invite over two other couples and have a Wii party.

Anna Smith, a junior at Auburn University, said this is the first Valentine’s Day she’s spent with a boyfriend in a long time. She said she’ll probably bake him cookies and do something simple and sweet. Smith says she plans to spend Valentine’s Day in Birmingham with her significant other. She says they’ll probably go to dinner somewhere but nothing to over the top since they haven’t been dating that long. Smith says that when she was single she used to always spend Valentine’s Days with her friends.

Friends will always make your Valentine’s Day better if you aren’t in a relationship. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for people in relationships; everyone that’s single should get out and do something to celebrate the holiday. Most of the singles I spoke with said they were going to spend the day with friends and go see a movie like “He’s Just Not That Into You” or one of the other typical Valentine’s Day movies. A few other singles said they would be going to the bar with friends to try to find themselves a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Being single should not stop anyone from having a great time on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s is a day for love but everyone loves to be with their friends so celebrate the great friendships you have and send them a valentine. Valentine’s is the day to tell people how you feel about them, so take a chance on love, what’ve you got to lose? Everyone should have a great Valentine’s Day this year, there are plenty of ways to spend it, whether it’s with your boyfriend or girlfriend or just with your best friends.

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