Paranormal Activity 3: A Hallowen Must-See

If there's one thing to be learned from the Paranormal Activity franchise, it is that invisible demons do not like to be videotaped. It makes them antsy and before long they're hiding in closets, sneaking into bedrooms, breaking furniture, dragging bodies across the floor and killing somebody.


Bo Flynn, a self proclaimed movie critic, says he would recommend  to people who love scary movies. 


Paranormal 3 is set in 1988 when Katie and Kristi are just children. People who have seen the other films will remember references linking back to this a few times in the first film and quite a lot in the second.


The story line itself revolves around the two girls when they first began to be terrorized by the "demon" that we know in the recent films. This is caught on film by their mother's boyfriend and wedding photographer, Dennis, after he thinks there is a ghost in the residence, he sets up his cameras around the house.


"You can tell this one had a much higher budget," Flynn said. "The cinematography is so much better than the other two."


The general theme remains the same being filmed using home cameras giving a grainy feel. The creepy surveillance imagery with haunted-house standbys like bumps in the night and wall scrawls create an terrifying experience for those watching. "3" introduces a camera fixed to a fan panning slowing back and forth, creating a brilliant suspense. 


"It was one the scariest movies I've ever seen," Flynn said. "If you can't handle jumpy scary movies I would not recommend seeing it."


Without spoiling the film, there are some really scary moments but the plot does not really explain everything like why the demon is terrorizing them. You may feel disappointed with the lack in the overall plot developments in the terms of the overall franchise. The truth is that this works as a standalone film in its own in that the scares and jumps will be more than enough to make you come out feeling that you got your money's worth.


The R Rating, like the rest of the films in the franchise, is definitely there for a reason. There is even more violence this time around with lots of physical fights with spirits, a few on screen murders and a very graphic on-screen conclusion of one of the main characters.


According to, it states the "common sense media" says that the film is slightly more violent that connects the first two movies. It also states that 50 percent say that language is an issue and 40 percent say there is too much drinking, drugs or smoking.


"It really is a perfect Halloween movie to go see," Flynn said.


For ticket information and to see the trailer of the film, go to


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