Keke Carrier Wins in 2010 with Auburn Women's Basketball

Auburn fans go to games to show their support and cheer on their Auburn Tigers. There was, though, more than rooting for a win that took place on Sunday when the Auburn women's basketball team beat Kentucky 65 to53.

This game marked a day in Auburn's athletic history as being the last game played in the Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum by the women's basketball team.

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Emotions were present for senior Keke Carrier, number 33 on the women's basketball team and Sociology major, as she played and won her last regular season game as an Auburn Tiger.

"I was just trying to go out there, be effective and be a presence tonight," Carrier said. "With this being my last game in the coliseum and in Auburn, I just wanted to be real big and play big."

Sunday's game had a lot going on from the recognition of women's basketball alumni to the celebration of "Senior Day."

Carrier thanked her mother, coaches, teammates and managers for all of their support throughout her college basketball career.

All these festivities, though, did not serve as distraction for Carrier.

"I just tried to keep the same mindset." Carrie said. "My main focus was knowing that this is my last game here."

Carrier is a big player with big plays on the court and has left a large mark in the tigers' record book. As one of the most dynamic players to come to Auburn, she has become the 26th Auburn player ever to score 1,000 career points.

Humility is something that Carrier has developed while playing for
Auburn over the years.

"I've been through a lot, and I wasn't as humble as I am now because in the past couple of years, I have had my ups and downs," she said.

Although this was their last home game, the women's basketball team is looking forward to playing in the SEC Tournament.

"Definitely going off of this win is going to boost up our confidence and help motivate us to beat those teams," Carrier said.

Looking back, Carrier reflects on her fondest memory as an Auburn Tiger when they became the victors in last year's SEC Championship. She described that moment as a big turnaround for women's basketball. "That's a legacy we left behind," she said.

Carrier shared her goals that she anticipates after she graduates this May. She plans on continuing down the basketball path where she hopes to be drafted and play for Atlanta.

Two years ago, Carrier was able to play with her team in places like Czech Republic and Vienna; so traveling overseas is another thing Carrier is looking forward to in her future.

"Spain would be one of those places I would love to go play," Carriers said.

The long road of Auburn memories will trail after Carrier when she officially leaves the plains in May.

"The Auburn spirit [is something] I am definitely going to miss."

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