I was privileged enough to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friends’ weddings this past weekend. The bride and groom, both Auburn graduates, are originally from Tuscaloosa. The thought of a crimson and white wedding was never in the picture for these two and that was blatantly obvious. The reception was one big Auburn reunion. It was great and made me so proud to be part of the Auburn family.
While 8 of my 10 roommates (yep, there were 11 girls in one house!) graduated and moved off this past May, I am here in Auburn completing my internship with the Auburn Alumni Association before I graduate in August. This weekend was the first time most of us had gotten together since everyone left. As we sat around eating cake, we found ourselves plotting the next time we would all be able to get together.

Just as it is with any group or organization, I think it is so important for alumni to keep their Auburn connections and make time to get together. The Auburn Alumni Association offers many ways to stay connected. Their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flikr and Tiger2Tiger offer multiple ways to stay in touch daily. Although I am not yet an alumna, I feel like it (I guess since all my friends are and it is SO close!). We have already established our annual reunion. We actually started it this past year as undergraduates.

In February the 11 of us ran a half marathon together (complete with Auburn tatoos on our cheeks, of course). It was the National Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer in Jacksonville, Fla. We called ourselves the “AU Breast Friends”…pretty clever, huh?

We all agreed it was the most incredible thing we had ever done and this is what we want to do each year. Our reunion will not only be a time for us to reconnect, but also to make a difference for a cause that is close to our hearts.

Call up your college buddies and plan a reunion. While most of us are fortunate enough to run into each other at the occasional wedding or ballgame, it’s still important to set aside time just to catch up and reminisce. If you’re like me, you won’t regret it. You’ll probably walk away from it with a grin, because there is nothing better in the world than an Auburn friend.

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