It is becoming more and more common for busy college students to be having a job career at the same time. Many students would say they wouldn’t want to do this because of the stress level, but some students say the opposite.

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Steven Prince is a senior at Auburn University majoring in computer science and he has been working a 5-day workweek even with his difficult classes. He wakes up at 8 am and goes to class until 10, then goes to the AU Club to do his maintenance crew work for the golf course.
“I’ve really enjoyed having a job during school because it gives me something else to focus on instead of always stressing about school,” he said. This is many students response to the question “why did you choose to get a job during your college career?” Auburn senior, Michelle Rivera also had the same thing to say. Last semester she was taking five courses while having a job as a waitress at Johnny Bruscos.
“I was really working so I could just have something I needed to do to get my mind of school and to basically just take a break. I love working and it actually helped to better prepare me for my future job with communicating,” she said.
Every morning Steven goes to class then goes to work to clean equipment, cut grass and make the AU Club fit for members.
“Having a job during school has really taught me how to manage my time and has gotten me used to waking up early in the future. I’ve always hated waking up early but now I’m used to it and this job has really helped,” said Steven.
Steven said that he also enjoys having extra money to spend. “Kids in college either pay their way through school or their parents usually pay—I have to pay my way through and having a job gives me money to put toward that, and also money to spend on extra fun things that I want to do like going out with friends,” he said.
Having a job during school is hard work, but many students have learned that it can have positive contributions to their college career. It can provide as a learning experience and also gives you extra spending money, which is what every college kid wants.
“I would recommend more students to get a job during school actually. It sounds like hard work and really time consuming but I can tell that it has benefitted me and it will definitely benefit others,” said Steven.

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