Auburn University students joined together on April 8th to walk in the same shoes as children in Africa: They went barefoot.

Mocha Club members and TOMS enthusiasts at Auburn came together to raise awareness and had their first “One Day without Shoes” on Auburn’s campus.

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TOMS Shoes, a non-profit organization whose vision is to provide shoes to children in Africa, created a “One Day without Shoes” campaign that swept the world. Their hope was for people fortunate enough to have shoes would give up theirs for one day, go barefoot and make a statement for the millions of children who go shoeless everyday.

Mocha Club, another non-profit organization, funds money to different projects in Africa.

Mocha Club and TOMS are both prevalent causes on Auburn’s campus. Since, both organizations have a passion to make a difference in Africa, Auburn supporters of both causes joined in the “One Day without Shoes.”

An Auburn senior, Cullen Johnson, said, “It definitely makes you think about the people who don’t have shoes. It’s an awesome idea.”

Two Auburn students and TOMS enthusiasts implemented their idea of a paper walkway with feet cutouts. Supporters were asked to trace their feet on construction paper, cut it out and place it on the paper walkway.

Emily Crane, Auburn Mocha Club president, explained that they had people trace and cut out their feet to show people that they care.

“One Day without Shoes” raised awareness and even new supporters of both TOMS and Mocha Club. Mocha Club campus representative, Matt Ragan, said they had 19 new people join Mocha Cub.

If you are interested in learning more about how you could be a part of making a difference in Africa, check out and

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