Auburn's Newest Fraternity Strives for Excellence

On Oct. 27, Phi Sigma Kappa, or “Phi Sig,” became the 28th fraternity on Auburn’s campus. The fraternity has 27 members, who became brothers on Nov. 1, at what the brother’s call “The Lodge,” which is the fraternity’s temporary meeting house on the corner of Glenn Avenue and South College Street.

“We started with a group of eight men on Sept. 14, 2009, and within a month, we had tripled our numbers,” said Phi Sig President M.V. Young. “This past Sunday 27 members, including six executive board members, were ritually associated into Phi Sig.”

Young said one thing that makes Phi Sigma different from the other 26 fraternities on Auburn’s campus is that they have no reputation.

“Where recent fraternity expansion efforts on Auburn’s campus are re-chartering, this is Phi Sig’s first expansion,” Youg said. “We have no stereotype, so it is in the hands of the founding members to make sure we excel in everything and that our first impression to the Auburn family is a great one.”

Young added that Phi Sig is also unique in that the group will have the highest GPA requirements of all the fraternities, which is a 3.0.

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“It is important for our brothers to be well rounded, intellectual individuals because the lessons we learn here will teach us for the rest of our lives,” Young said.

Vice President of Social Excellence for Phi Sigma, Reid Boehm, joined the fraternity to make a name for them on Auburn’s campus.

“My job in the fraternity is not only to plan social events, but teach our men social excellence through the values a southern gentleman should possess,” Boehm said.

The fraternity began in 1873 at the University of Massachusetts. Phi Sigma Kappa is already established at most SEC universities from the University of Alabama to Florida.

Member Matthew Jones’s job is to bring potential members to the fraternity.

“We are looking for members who are of exceptional character, lead in scholarship and hold true to the values that the founding members created in 1873,” Jones said. “I joined the fraternity to create a legacy at Auburn. By the end of the semester, we are opening our doors for 20 additional extraordinary leaders.”

For interest in becoming a Phi Sigma Kappa, contact Matthew Jones at

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