Auburn students participate in election

Some Auburn University students are giving a different meaning to college party.

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Auburn University’s College Democrats and College Republicans have been hard at work helping local candidates prepare for the upcoming election and have held voter registration drives to encourage student participation in this year’s election.

“We really serve as the connection between students and the campaigns,” Hayley Thrift, College Republican public relations director, said.”We provide opportunities for student to get involved, like phone banking, going door to door, and going to fundraisers - any way they want to get involved. We just provide students to help with these campaigns from local campaigns to statewide campaigns. We really just try to help as best we can.”

The College Republicans have helped with campaigns for Luther Strange, Mike Rogers, Gerald Dial and Steve Speakman.

The College Democrats have helped with Ted Little and Betty Letlow.

“Ted Little has really been utilizing the College Democrats,” Alex Roberson, College Democrat president, said. “We go knocking on doors for him and go to local football games to promote his candidacy. We do a lot of knocking on doors and a lot of putting out yard signs, phone banking and that sort of things-a lot of the grunt work.”

Thrift added that most students get involved because they care about their country, and they aren’t satisfied with the direction our government is going.

“Students sometimes get involved simply to learn more about their personal political beliefs,” she said. “It’s a great place for students to start when they know they want to be involved in politics, but they don’t know where to begin.”

In addition to helping directly with candidates’ campaigns, both organizations held voter registration drives on Auburn University’s concourse to encourage students to vote and to participate in this year’s election.

“We just try to get [students] registered, give them information and remind them that there is an election,” Roberson said.

Thrift said that she believes students are the least likely to get involved with elections.

“That’s really where we come in,” she said. “Where we try to get people our age interested and realize that this is your life, this is your country and it’s really important to read and learn about who’s running and who you can vote for and what you can do to help.”

Thrift said the AUCR had also encouraged members to volunteer with Alabama GOP’s “Get out the Vote” Campaign by using any free time they had to go to the Republican Headquarters and help make the phone calls to remind people to vote or fill out an absentee ballot.

To see a sample ballet, find out where to vote or find out if you’re registered to vote, visit To join the College Democrats or College Republicans, come out to their meetings on Tuesday nights.

“I believe that if you want to have an opinion,” Thrift said, “then it’s your job to vote and participate.”

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