Aspen Heights: Reaching Out to Students While Improving the World

Clay Fleming, a sophomore at Auburn University, is a marketing associate for Auburn's new student-living community Aspen Heights. Aspen Heights will be fully developed in the fall of 2012 and will begin leasing in the next month.

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A part time job is just one more addition to Clay Fleming's well-rounded resume. Although it is part time, Aspen Heights is fully depending on him to effectively do his job.

Aspen Heights is a brand new, all-student neighborhood of Colorado-style homes with all the convenience and amenities of an apartment complex. The neighborhood will be comprised of 2 story houses offered 2, 3 and 4 bedroom models. In addition to being a gated community equipped with security cameras, the Aspen Heights will have a movie theater in the clubhouse, a West Coast coffee shop and a fitness center.

"Every time I see pictures of the houses it gives me chills," Fleming said.

Auburn is not the first college to be serviced by the Aspen Heights community. Louisiana State University, the University of Georgia and several college towns in Texas all have an Aspen Heights.

As a marketing associate, Fleming's responsibilities are plentiful wide ranging. He is responsible for advertising to students the opportunity to live in the Colorado-styled housing community at various bars and Student Government Association events, where he passed out promotional items such as t-shirts, hats and koozies. He is also in charge of constantly updating on social media websites such as Facebook.

"This isn't just your ordinary job where you sit in a cubicle all day. I'm out to sell something that is awesome and that is what excites me," Fleming said.

His job title also holds a crucial role in the research process of marketing the new community. He forms focus groups to get input from students regarding specific details of what they desire in the ideal college living situation.

"It's a great way for us to get their input on things they would like rather than us just putting it there," Fleming said.

Questions in the focus groups help gather information on things such as types of amenities, room and closet sizes that people prefer, and suggestions to remedy frustrations in students' current residences. Currently, anyone could sign up to be in a focus group on their Facebook page.

Aspen Heights is not only reaching out to students. They are serving impoverished people in Africa by providing housing and a place where people can receive an education. Next summer, a group of about twelve Aspen Heights residents will go on a mission trip to help build these locations. Currently, Aspen Heights provides housing for over 250 girls at the Imbirikani School. Visit for more information on the Aspen Heights global impact.


"We're really excited for all of this to come together and have had fun doing it," Fleming said. 


For more information on Aspen Heights, visit

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