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I was privileged enough to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friends’ weddings this past weekend. The bride and groom, both Auburn graduates, are originally from Tuscaloosa. The thought of a crimson and white wedding was never in the picture for these two and that was blatantly obvious. The reception was one big Auburn reunion. It was great and made me so proud to be part of the Auburn family.

While 8 of my 10 roommates (yep, there were 11 girls… Continue

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Don't Stress and You'll Ace that Test

As finals start to roll around, we start to freak out. Everyone turns into super student and starts trying to fix whatever mess they created over the course of the semester. It happens every semester.

The stress is usually brought on by all-nighters and cramming on top of an abundance of end-of-the-year festivities. Trying to juggle it all and still come out with a good grade can be overwhelming, but there are a few simple tips that can help you stay calm and focused this final exam… Continue

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An insider look into PRCM 4090: PR Campaigns

We’ve all been there. You go to class and with each day that passes, you wonder how you are going to apply this to your job in the real world. Fortunately for public relations students at Auburn University, there is a class that allows you to apply everything you’ve learned. The class is PRCM 4090: PR Campaigns.

The name itself sounds intimidating. For most public relations students I have talked to, it is a complete mystery walking in the class the first day. No one really knows… Continue

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Live music for a good cause

Who doesn’t like live music and who doesn’t like the feeling you get when you’ve just helped someone out? No one! This Tuesday, March 31, the community of Auburn will have the opportunity to do both things: listen to good music with their friends, all while helping out others. That is because the Alpha Gamma Delta social sorority will be holding their spring philanthropy event, Wing Jam.

Tuesday will mark the 8th annual Wing Jam. Wing Jam is set up like a glorified talent show.… Continue

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Education majors: prepared for the workforce but not finding jobs

You can’t turn anywhere today without seeing, hearing about or feeling the effects of the weak economy. This stands true for almost every line of work. Although everyone is struggling, there is one group feeling a little extra burn these days. They are the future of our children, our educators. The weakened economy is causing schools to have to cut faculty and staff back to a minimum.

The cuts aren’t just affecting current teachers, but also students who are about to graduate and… Continue

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Don't Let the Flu Get You

If classes, jobs, and social events aren’t hard enough for college students to handle, throw a common winter sickness in the mix and see what happens. That’s right, it’s that time of year and people are getting sick! With increasingly high scholastic and social demands, it is often hard for students to keep up even after one bout with illness.

Luckily there is something students can do to stay healthy this winter season. Laura Morris, a senior in Auburn’s School of Nursing and… Continue

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Running For a Reason

As she laces up her bright blue Ascics, Maria Powell plops down on her bed. “I could run all day long,” says Powell, a senior at Auburn University. “I just can’t explain it.” This has been her routine for the past semester. She gets home from school, changes into her running clothes, and heads off for a jog.

Powell has been training for a half marathon since November. It isn’t just any half marathon, though. It is the National Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer this coming Sunday. After… Continue

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Just Dance

It’s not every day that Auburn residents get to experience a night of fine arts. But they were in for a treat Sunday, Feb. 22. Variations Dance Studio of Auburn held a one-of-a-kind collaborative performance, Between the Lines. The company danced with alongside dancing sensation Kameron Bink and hosted the Montgomery Ballet.

The performance marked the first of its kind for Variations. The collaborative performance is something new and exiting for the Auburn/Opelika area. While the… Continue

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More Bang for Your Buck

Desperate times call for desperate measures! These days you can find college students doing just about anything for a little bit of extra cash. While college students have always been known for living a vagrant lifestyle, the poor economy has put an extra strain the young adults. From working multiple jobs to cutting back on simple luxuries, students are doing what it takes to make ends meet these days.

There are in fact a few simple ways to adjust your lifestyle that will leave you… Continue

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The Bug Girl

Most girls would be embarrassed to be dubbed “the bug girl.” But for one Auburn University senior, this is a title she has proudly boasted since she was only 5 years olds. That’s right, Maggie Jordan was named “the bug girl” by all her friends at a young age. Her love for bugs has only grown since then and is taking her around the country as she follows her dreams.

Jordan is a Poultry Science major with a minor in Entomology. While most college students struggle to find their… Continue

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Auburn Warns Students of Spring Break Dangers

It’s about to be Spring Break and we all know what that means! A lot of students will be hitting the beaches to soak up the sun and relax with their feet in the sand. While most students are heading to the coast to get away from the anxiety of school, some students may be find themselves heading to a much more stressful place: Mexico.

With the recent turmoil in Mexico, Auburn University is encouraging students to rethink their tropical vacations across the border. Things have gotten… Continue

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On the Road Again

With the unseasonably warm weather, Auburn students are getting a taste of spring fever a bit early this year. Spring semester is certain to bring two things every year: nice weather and free weekends. Without football taking up each Saturday, many students use this time of year to travel the South. Since Auburn is within driving distance to the beach, the mountains and the city, students have many options.

Road trips have always been a favorite of college-aged students. It’s a fun… Continue

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Sorority Hopes to Hoop Up Another Championship

There are a group of girls on Auburn’s campus gearing up for a big championship. And, no, I’m not talking about the women’s basketball team. It is the Alpha Gamma Delta intramural basketball team. These girls are no strangers to the pressure the championship game brings, as this will be their second championship to play for this year. They will be playing Alpha Xi Delta for the sorority basketball championship on Feb. 24, 2009.

Alpha Xi is no stranger to the pressure of big games… Continue

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Who's it gonna be

Picture this. You can hear the crowd going wild as you step onto the field. You turn to see a sea of orange and blue shakers waving in the wind. It’s about time for kickoff and you can’t believe you’ve made it. The smoke starts coming out of the tunnel as the team emerges. You can almost touch them. For most students this would be the most exciting moment of their college career, but for one select group, this is the norm. They are the War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen.

The War Eagle… Continue

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Election Week in Full Swing

Just shy of a month since President Barak Obama’s inauguration, everyone can finally relax because election season has passed. Well, not exactly! If you are a student at Auburn University, things are getting pretty intense on campus this week. Sunday, February 8 kicked off the Student Government Association’s campaign week on campus.

Candidates held their campaign kickoffs around Auburn and set out on the campaign trail from there. Billboards and posters with catchy slogans are… Continue

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The Diamond Dolls are Back

Hot dogs, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and a warm spring afternoon. If this doesn’t get you excited about Auburn University’s upcoming baseball season, there is a new group on campus who will. They are the Auburn University Diamond Dolls and they will be the first to greet fans at Samford Stadium on February 20, opening day.

Four years ago Auburn got rid of the Diamond Dolls due to the strict rules and regulations the organization had to follow. The coach saw the organization as more of… Continue

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Students Encouraged to Participate in War on Hunger Summit

For most college students, worrying about food is not an everyday concern. There is plenty of it and nothing stopping them from getting it. But for some students at Auburn University, a lack of food is always on their mind. They call themselves the Committee of 19 and they are determined to put a stop to hunger, both global and domestic.

In 2004, Auburn University was asked by the World Food Programme to be its lead academic partner in Universities Fighting World Hunger. This is a… Continue

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