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Saving Lives! The Lee County Red Cross

The American Red Cross has been around since 1881. The American Red Cross does so much for so many people. They help out the men and women in the Armed Forces, and help people who have suffered house fires, floods and tornados. They also teach CPR, first aid, water safety and health courses. Mainly, they are known for collecting blood in blood drives.

We have all seen the American Red Cross buses go to random places that include different retail stores, college campuses and business… Continue

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Fun at the Diversity Research Conference

Going to the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center, for the “Understanding Differences that Matter: Diversity Research at Auburn University”, I was a little nervous. Approaching people I do not know and asking them if I can do a video interview on them is a little awkward for me. Little did I know what a great experience it would be.

I was nervous because I had heard a few other classmates saying that a lot of the people that they had asked were not willing to give them an… Continue

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Diversity is Important

The Research Diversity Conference. If you are a journalism, communication or public relations major then you have probably heard about this. If you are not in any of these majors, then you may not have heard about this event yet.

The conference dates will be October 29-30, 2008. This is the first conference that the office of diversity and multicultural affairs has put on. The title of the conference is “Understanding Differences that Matter.” The goal of this conference is “developing an… Continue

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I wanna work for WEGL!

Auburn University is involved with so many student activities. We have heard about all the events with the UPC, different clubs that people can join and even classes for learning Chinese. One of my favorite student activities is the campus radio station, WEGL 91.1.

I knew we had a campus radio station but I did not know anything about it. I did not know what station it was on, I did not know that students could DJ and I did not know how easy it was to get involved with this… Continue

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Not A Bad Idea

About 15 minutes outside of Auburn, in Opelika, Southern Union State Community College is located.

I know many students that are going to Southern Union. A girl, I had in one of my classes at Auburn University last semester, decided to take courses at Southern Union during the summer to get her GPA up. Many students choose to go to Southern Union so that they can get their basic courses out of the way, and then transfer to Auburn. The courses at Southern Union, according to the people I… Continue

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Rewarding Pets

People have different opinions relating to the effects of having a pet in college. Some people do not think it is good for students to have pets because students will not be able to devote all the time they need to study. People also think it is a negative thing because the pet may not get the attention it needs.

There are other people who think having a pet in college is very rewarding for both the pet and the student. It is nice to be able to come home and have a pet waiting to greet you… Continue

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Feelings Toward Construction

It’s kind of a love/hate relationship. I know the construction on campus will eventually help the university out in the long run but I really think Auburn could have scheduled the construction better.

Haley Concourse is probably the busiest place on campus. A lot of the major courses are in Haley and several departments are located in the building as well. We have all seen the big chain-link fence in front of Haley where they are redoing the sidewalks. Because of this, I have to take the… Continue

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Running On Campus Is Fun!

If you look around, there are a lot of people that choose to go running on Auburn’s campus. These people are not only students, but they are also people that live in the Auburn community. What makes the Auburn campus so attractive for runners?

There are several advantages to running on campus. Auburn’s campus is so diverse, landscaping wise. There are plenty of hills, flat places, steps and open areas that help vary the scenery as you run. It gets boring just running in the same type of… Continue

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What do I think about the new Student Union?

It has happened to all of us during one semester or other. There is that really annoying break you have between your classes where it's too short of a break to go home and rest, but you do not know what to do for the next hour or so.

Well, this semester you have options. The new Auburn Student Union Building, also known as the Student Center, has finally opened this fall semester.

Last spring semester, during my break, I would just go home to eat. There were only a couple of times I… Continue

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What happens after I graduate? (Auburn Alumni Association)

Going to school at Auburn University is a very special time in every student's life. During the fall semester, sitting in the student section on game day Saturdays is something unforgettable; going to UPC sponsored concerts for free is exciting and having a few really cool bars to hang out at with friends is awesome. But what happens after you put on the cap and gown and graduate. Even though you will no longer be attending Auburn University as a student, you will not be forgotten.

The… Continue

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