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Studying -- Where do you do it?

In every college town there are popular places to watch games and grab a drink, fashionable places to shop and favorite places to eat, but what about the best places to study? Where do students go to find a focused environment to get work done?


At Auburn University, students have the opportunity to take their pick, and they do. Living communities and apartment complexes offer study rooms and study areas as amenities. Campus buildings have computer labs, study floors and…


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War Eagle from victory lane

The weekend of Oct. 19 and 20 was exciting for Auburn fans in an unusual way.

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Mellowship rocked the plains

Going strong since 2007, the band Mellowship put on another great performance at Bourbon Street Bar Friday night. Mellowship interacted with its audience in…


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The Happiest Town on the Plains

Coming to college as an out-of-state student can be terrifying; however coming to Auburn University as an out-of-state student is quite the opposite. Known as the ”friendliest town on the plains,” the Auburn family welcomes everyone with open arms.


Out-of-state students are quite common at Auburn. In fact, 45 percent of under graduates here are not from the state of Alabama. Thousands of students come to Auburn not knowing a soul and leave with life-long friends and…


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Trusting the Unofficial Student Ticket Exchange

Convenience. Every college student has hoped for convenience at some point for some reason. The progression of the Internet has provided extreme convenience over the past few years, especially with social media. More than four years ago a Facebook group was created to make exchanging student football tickets a little simpler. That was the goal at least.…


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The 3D Hype

Movies have created entertainment for more than 100 years. New stories, new perspectives and new characters keep moviegoers interested. However, there has been a recent phenomenon that is keeping the “new” aspect to a minimum.


The recent phenomenon includes a pair of recyclable eye glasses and a ticket stub, but it’s not necessarily…


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New app helps students get unstuck

Survey any college campus and you’ll find thousands of young people with big goals, dreams and visions. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll often find these goals and dreams flailing for survival amid a matrix code of doubts, uncertainty and anxiety.

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In other words, many of them are stuck. Maybe you’re one of them.…


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Iron Chef Competition: The Ultimate Food Fight

In a battle of skill, creativity, time-management and a flair for all things food, the "Iron Chef" competition on Food Network has captivated millions to tune into these epic battles. On March 30, you could find yourself a part of the action right here on Auburn’s campus.

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The University Program Council (UPC) is…


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A Chance to become a Leader

Want to become a leader with integrity? Auburn University’s second campus-based LeaderShape retreat will be held May 7-12 at the 4-H Center in Columbiana, Ala.


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According to its website, LeaderShape, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that began in 1986 by Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. LeaderShape’s mission is “to…


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Helping to Grow the Auburn Family

"Did you know that we have sent six astronauts into space, which are more astronauts sent to space than any other public and private college nationwide other than the Air Force and that the War Eagle fight song has been the only fight song sung in space?"

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These are just two of the many facts Tracy Paulisick tells… Continue

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An Alternative Break

While most students sat on their parents’ couch eating one holiday cookie after the next, Olivia Townsend spent her winter break in Ecuador helping to fix a small school. Townsend, a sophomore at Auburn University is a member of Alternative Student Breaks (ASB).

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After finals were over for Auburn University, Townsend said… Continue

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Student Counseling Services Helps Perfectionists

Many college students find that the pressure to do well in school can bleed over into their personal lives. When students experience depression or anxiety because of their inability to live up to high standards they have set for themselves, they often need to seek counseling.

Perfectionism in psychology is the belief that perfection can and should be attained. What counselors call maladaptive perfectionists go to the extreme of believing that anything less than perfect is… Continue

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There's No Place Like Home

Once every fall, the Auburn Alumni Association welcomes back all former students to enjoy a true Auburn family reunion. People come in from all over the country to reconnect with classmates and friends.

“I will be coming in from Mobile,” said Brittany Lathan, a 2007 Auburn University graduate. “It is only a three hour drive, and it is a great excuse to see some old friends and watch some good football.”

For most students, Homecoming is just another Saturday football game,… Continue

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Lights, Camera, Action!

The Jay Sanders Film Festival is coming to Auburn, Ala., on April 15, 2010. The festival, named for Auburn University professor Jay Sanders, is an opportunity for both college and high school students around the nation to have their films reviewed and judged, and to hopefully win some cash on the side.

Jay Sanders was the first professor to bring media classes to the university in 1953, then known as the Alabama Polytechnic Institute. He taught at Auburn for 33 years, touching the… Continue

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The Drive-in Is Back

After four long awaited years, the drive-in is back. The University Program Council, UPC, has decided to reinstate the drive-in movie this Tuesday.

The movie, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” will be shown at the beach for students and community members.

“This event was what students always requested when we surveyed them,” said council member, Ryan Higginbotham. “We stopped the event because we began holding movie showings in the stadium, but students still wanted a… Continue

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Get addicted with Southern Addiction

The stage lights are on. The guitar, base guitar and drums have been tuned. Test. Test one. The crowd goes wild. Test. Test two. With the words “Sweet Home Alabama” rolling off of the lips of Carter Naftel, lead singer and guitar player for the band Southern Addiction, the party begins.

Southern Addiction is a four member band that consists of Auburn University students: Carter Naftel, Marc Wendorf, James Casey and Nick Cox. Over the past three years, Southern Addiction has played at… Continue

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Tractors, feed supplies and farming equipment with a dose of customer service please…

The grand opening of the John Deere-SunSouth LLC business and locally owned Sikes Pet and Farm Supply was an attraction to more than 2,000 people on Oct. 3. From featuring products, live music, food and drinks and free door prizes given throughout the day, the event was successful in promoting the opening of the new facilities.

“This store is very unique because we operate the John Deere side which is the SunSouth business and then the other side is operated by Cook and Jason Sikes… Continue

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Take a look at art "Through the Looking Glass"

What do you think of when you hear the words “Through the Looking Glass?”

Ingrid Brown, owner of the local gallery The Villager, is posing this question to Villager and new talent artists who would like to participate in the second annual art show.

Brown has created an art show that differs from most.

“In a typical art show, one artist is featured with a large body of his works,” said Brown. “With this show many artists are featured and their best three items… Continue

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Camping on the plains

As incoming freshman almost all of us attended Camp War Eagle (CWE), an Auburn tradition that has been going on for many years now. Well, just last week applications for 2009 CWE counselors went out and starting Tuesday, October 7th the informational sessions begin. Many students interview for this opportunity and it is not one that is taken lightly.

Camp War Eagle is a great experience, not only for incoming freshman, but for their parents as well. It is a chance for these students… Continue

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To Live On or Off Campus?

There are many advantages and disadvantages to living on and off campus at Auburn University. Many students would argue that apartments and houses are better for living because more space is available, but others say the dorms are an ideal location for living.

“The advantage of living in the dorm is how close I am to campus and I get to live with all of my friends,” said Adrian Lesperance, a junior in finance. “Instead of living by myself or with just two to four people, I get to… Continue

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