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An Initiative That Matters

As students at Auburn, we become consumed with our schedules. From hours of homework and projects to the various organizations we belong to, we barely have time to think ahead about the next week we have to face. Each day we walk to class with ear buds plugged into our brains, tuning out most of the environments that surround us. All of this to say, when was the last time you ever thought about the racial climate of our campus?

Is Auburn really a “diverse” campus? If you’ve ever… Continue

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Diversity Research: Bringing together diversity researcher's on Auburn's campus

Bringing together a team of diversity researchers on Auburn’s campus in hopes to bring together everyone who makes up Auburn’s campus and even beyond, that is the goal of the newly established Research Initiative for the Study of Diversity. Faculty from many different colleges are putting forth their research and studies about diversity in hopes to educate everyone locally and from there take it nationally and globally.

Research Initiative for the Study of Diversity personally… Continue

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Chichi Lovett discusses the importance of diversity

Auburn University’s Research Initiative for the Study of Diversity is sponsoring a conference called “Understanding Differences that Matter,” which is being held on Wednesday, Oct. 29 and Thursday, Oct. 30 at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center. The diversity research faculty have been pioneers in doing research in the field of diversity.

Garnetta “Chichi” Lovett, an assistance professor of art education and a diversity officer for the College of Liberal Arts, said the… Continue

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Diversity Research Initiative

On October 29 & 30, Auburn University will be hosting a research initiative called “Understanding Differences That Matter: Diversity Research at Auburn University.” The conference will honor the first recipients of the Distinguished Diversity Researcher awards Toni Alexander, Conner Bailey, Michael J. Clay, Juan E. Gilbert, Robin Sabino and Marilyn E. Strutchens.

According to its website, the Research Initiative for the Study of Diversity will facilitate and generate diversity… Continue

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Talking Diversity with Dr. Jada Kohlmeier

Auburn University's Research Initiative for the Study of Diversity is doing groundbreaking work in the field of diversity research. In our ever-changing world, diversity is an issue that certainly deserves our attention. On Wednesday, Oct. 29 and Thursday, Oct. 30, the Research Initiative is sponsoring a conference which will be held at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center, called "Understanding Differences that Matter."

One of the members of the diversity research… Continue

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Marching Band Gets a Weekend Break

Because the football team did not play this past weekend, students used the weekend to take a break from the football season. One group that is always travelling with the football team that also got a break is the Auburn University Marching Band.

The Auburn University Marching Band is a tradition that goes back more than a century. It is composed of 375 students from all colleges and many majors.

Andrew Yohn, a freshman who has not yet picked a major and a member in the band,… Continue

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Alternate Transportation

The Auburn community is becoming more eco-friendly by incorporating more bike paths in the community and on the Auburn University campus. On Saturday, Oct. 25, 2008 the ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony for the newest bike path for the Auburn community.

The bike path is the newest addition to Auburn's cycling community. The path runs along side South Donahue drive from College Street all the way into campus. Emma Mulvany, with Auburn University's sustainability Department,… Continue

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Recycling In Auburn, Students Do Their Part!

Where does the trash go? When you throw something "away", it doesn't go away! Trash is either burned, buried, recycled or dumped into rivers and oceans.

Recycling is vital because it conserves our valuable natural resources, saves energy, saves clean air and clean water and saves landfill space.

So many things are thrown away everyday that can be reused.

Currently in Auburn there are many services available for community members to take advantage of and start… Continue

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Nursing School

Choosing a major can be a difficult step for any college student. Some students can not imagine having to decide what they will do for the rest of their life at such a young age. Katie Gilreath is an exception to those students.

Gilreath came to college with her mind made up on what she wanted to do with her life. “I grew up around the medical field,” said Gilreath, “it has always been where I dreamed of working.”

Gilreath started at Auburn University three years ago. Now,… Continue

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Diversity Research: An Important Topic

Do you consider diversity an issue? At Auburn University diversity is an important topic and the research that goes into it is beginning to be recognized.

Auburn University will have its first Diversity Research Conference Oct. 29-30, 2008 at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center. The conference is called Understanding Differences that Matter: Diversity Research at Auburn University and will have two distinguished speakers, an art contest and an awards presentation. The… Continue

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CyberSecurity Awareness Month: Are you safe?

With the growing popularity of the internet, CyberSecurity has become an increasing concern. CyberSecurity Awareness Month was created as a nation-wide effort to educate people about the importance of protecting personal information on the internet.

For the month of October, schools and organizations all over the country will work to educate internet-users and provide them with tools to securing personal information.

This month, the Auburn Office of Information Technology… Continue

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Hunger March to Montgomery

On Friday afternoons, most students are beginning to plan their weekend, determining which restaurant to eat at for dinner, which movie to go see or which bar to hang out at later that night. However, Haley Walker and the Auburn University Committee of 19 were beginning their 60-mile journey to Montgomery, on foot.

The Committee of 19 is the first academic partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme and recently launched a student “War on Hunger” campaign. They are the… Continue

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Graduate school: An option after graduation

Every time I get in a situation where there is no escape, such as a car ride, with my father he inevitably brings up the topic of grad school, one of his favorites now that my graduation date inches closer and closer. My father always harps on the importance of furthering my education and networking after Auburn with graduate school. Does he have a point? Ehhhh…maybe so.

Graduate school is almost becoming a necessity now to get a job. Back in the day, school after college was for… Continue

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I wanna work for WEGL!

Auburn University is involved with so many student activities. We have heard about all the events with the UPC, different clubs that people can join and even classes for learning Chinese. One of my favorite student activities is the campus radio station, WEGL 91.1.

I knew we had a campus radio station but I did not know anything about it. I did not know what station it was on, I did not know that students could DJ and I did not know how easy it was to get involved with this… Continue

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Hunger Week :: Presented by the Committee of 19

Auburn University’s Committee of 19 is a student-led organization that focuses on creating awareness of hunger issues in the world and leads Auburn’s War on Hunger campaign. This past week, the Committee of 19 sponsored Hunger Week on Auburn’s campus. Each day, the committee held events on and off campus to raise awareness and money to support hunger relief.

“It’s the first academic partnership with the World Food Programme,” Haley Walker, president of the Committee of 19,… Continue

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The Walk of Success

Auburn’s desire to fulfill services to the community is something that goes beyond the base of the institution. It allows the university to make a name for itself as an important entity to the survival of Lee County. With the maturity of Auburn’s students shining and the confidence they have in accomplishing their goals for the community, they embark on a walk for hunger to Montgomery’s capitol building on the 17th to raise awareness on world hunger.

The Auburn Committee of 19 is in charge… Continue

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A Chance for Travel

When the idea of studying abroad is raised, many students become excited and say that they would love to have the opportunity to. Who wouldn’t want to travel half way across the world to take classes and not to mention travel some as well? Maybe a few would decline the chance, but for most studying abroad is a privilege. From this students not only gain the academic knowledge from the classes they take, but so much more. In a study by Mary M Dwyer, PhD and Courtney K Peters taken from… Continue

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Trick or Treat: activties in Auburn

Halloween is soon approaching in just a few short weeks. What was once considered a holiday for small children, dressing up as princesses and superheroes, has become a favorite of college students across the country. Forget the candy collecting, because it’s all about the costume for college students. It is a day to hang out with your closest friends, dress up and head downtown to a bar or great party for a night full of fun and craziness.

So what will be going on this Halloween in… Continue

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Auburn Adventure Boot Camp

Looking for a great way to get in shape and lose weight? Auburn Adventure Boot Camp can help. Katy Davis, a senior at Auburn just completed one of the four week programs. The classes are offered in the morning or in the evenings and you can choose how many days of the week you’d like to attend. Davis chose to attend class five nights a week.

The next boot camp session will being on November 3. “I took the 6 p.m. class. We met in the Coliseum everyday and did laps and side steps in… Continue

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Rome and Venice come to Auburn

Now you don’t even have to study abroad to experience Rome and Venice. The popular bar In Italy recently opened one of their two new restaurant establishments in downtown Auburn.

The authentic Italian inspired menu will include a variety of different Italian meals and not just your average plate of spaghetti. Located on Magnolia Street above the bar In Italy, Rome just opened this past week.

Rome is more of a family style restaurant, offering a laid back and comfortable… Continue

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