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Social Media :: The Movement of the Century

From cell phones to web pages and Utterli to Twitter, the social world we live in will never be the same.

As the social media movement continues to advance, who does it leave in its wake and how can they stay abreast of this ever-changing social world?

According to Kris Street, Coordinator of Events and Recruitment for Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, “Social media seems to bypassing the thirties to forties age group. We are left behind… Continue

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Dan the Gas Station Man

He squats on his heals, inspecting every name and shiny wrapper assembled on the racks in front of him. As he leans in close, attempting to make out every colorful word, the feather in his brown felt hat brushes lightly against the small boxes.

“He will still get the lollipops,” Dan Rooney, the gas station attendant said softly as he looks on. “He makes a big fuss picking out what he wants, but he always ends up with those Lifesaver red and white swirl things with the loop handle, ya… Continue

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Rainbow Sandals, A Ray of Hope for Your Feet

Although trends come and go, a current footwear fad on college campuses has a lifetime guarantee. With college students constantly on the look for comfortable, quality shoes, Rainbow Sandals has created a brand of footwear that won’t wear out with the season.

Jay “Sparky” Longley established Rainbow Sandals in 1974 when he began producing hand-made flip-flops in his Laguna, Cal. garage.

Longley said he originally began making the sandals because he wanted to create a… Continue

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Winter Brings Summer Travel Planning

Although summer days seem far away as downtown is adorned with beautiful lights and decorations for the holiday season, some Auburn students are already preparing their warm-weather plans. Many students spend their summers in class, interning, working or home with the family. However, every year, some young adventurers embrace early preparations to travel across the globe in hopes of attaining a little college credit while having the experience of a lifetime.

“I went to Italy this… Continue

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Diet Pills- Huge Benefits Bring Huge Risks

As the season of celebration comes into full swing, holiday feasts, baked goods and extra candy indulging are causing many students to look for a quick way to shed a few extra pounds. However, students reaching out for over-the-counter weight loss pills should be wary. These supposed miracle drugs can cause some serious health issues and may not be as effective as they claim.

“I took Hydroxycut,” said Ally Schmid, a 22-yr-old college student. “I had heard good things from friends… Continue

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A Student's Freelance Career

For many college students, finding professional experience in thier chosen field of study can be challenging and, sometimes, unrewarding. Many up-and-coming professionals have paid their dues working long hours completing menial tasks in payless internships, all in hopes of building a resume featuring prominent employers. However, students should know freelancing is an option that provides a professional experience with a profession pay rate.

Freelancing can be described as an… Continue

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Kappa Alpha PSI making the semester that much easier for me

As the bustling semester winds down in Auburn, students are finding solace in different ways. With the end of the semester, anxiety, stress and overwhelming pressure begin to set in.

While studying in the new Student Center, I was overcome with the sound of music. At first, I thought it was just the television in which I sat by. I then became aware that the music was coming from the second floor of the Student Center.

I grabbed my camera and ran downstairs to find where… Continue

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