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To Live On or Off Campus?

There are many advantages and disadvantages to living on and off campus at Auburn University. Many students would argue that apartments and houses are better for living because more space is available, but others say the dorms are an ideal location for living.

“The advantage of living in the dorm is how close I am to campus and I get to live with all of my friends,” said Adrian Lesperance, a junior in finance. “Instead of living by myself or with just two to four people, I get to… Continue

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All Hail The New Student Union.

When eras come to an end, they are recognized and saluted for greatness and wonderful memories. The legacy of Foy Union will hold true to its name as the predecessor of the new student union as time progresses.

Since its opening, the new student union has become one of Auburn’s main attractions among students next to Jordan Hare Stadium and Haley Center (which is pretty much forced onto us as an attraction with school) as the same for local residents and fans. The move itself was not so… Continue

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Bring on the Summer Camps

As summer rolls around, most school aged children are excited and can’t wait for the fun-filled, steamy days of

summer. Children begin dreaming of popsicles and pools, cartoons and carnivals. No classes, no worries is the

mindset that follows with most. However, for the parents this is a different story. After the first few weeks of

summer, the initial joy fades and children begin asking questions such as “What can I do know?” or “What are we

doing… Continue

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Only 24 and each day takes work

Pricking your finger 6 times a day may seem outrageous to you, but for those with diabetes it’s just a normal day. Not to mention carrying around a pump all day long that is connected to you by a small tube inside your body.

Those with diabetes basically have a pancreas that cannot correctly produce insulin for the body, or as in those with Type 1 diabetes, cannot produce it at all. Therefore they must get their insulin an alternative way. Recently replacing 4 to 5 shots a day, Type… Continue

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Recycle your clothes at Plato's Closet and get CASH

As college students, some of us often don’t have jobs with our busy lives and schedules. Money is always an item in need and lately it seems hard to come by. Luckily, there is a way to make a quick buck with hardly lifting a hand. Plato’s Closet is a chain of consignment shops franchised throughout the country. There are 12 locations in Alabama and Georgia and over 200 throughout North America. Luckily, Auburn is in luck and has its very own Plato’s Closet.

Plato’s Closet buys and… Continue

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What do I do when I graduate? LSAT preparation

We’re seniors. Now what? Many students are stressing over this very question as we enter October of our senior year in college. Do I get a job right after I graduate? Do I go to law school? Maybe graduate school?

With all these questions it’s easy to see the confusion that these students face. Kristen Sprinkle, a political science major from Marietta, Ga., recently decided that she wanted to attend law school next fall after she graduates. “People usually make this decision a little… Continue

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Auburn Student Travels Down Under for the Summer

Many students who must complete internships in order to graduate usually consider Atlanta, Birmingham and New York as potential cities to spend a summer completing their internship. These cities are not only full of internship and job opportunities, but they are also fun places to live, making them go-to destinations for students. Taylor Voelker, a senior majoring in communications, decided to do the complete opposite of most of her friends and chose to intern as far away from her hometown of… Continue

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Work Hard and Play Hard: An interview with Dr. Byron Blagburn

Dr. Byron Blagburn, distinguished professor from the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, knows that in order to be successful in life, one must work hard. He also knows that for every 20 hours he works in the lab, he needs to spend just as many outside of it doing what he really enjoys, music.

Music has always been a large influence on Blagburn's life. He left high school in pursuit of a music degree from the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He stayed there for close… Continue

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Everybody Dance Now!

Do you like to dance? Do you enjoy helping people in need? Then you would love Dance Marathon.

Dance Marathon is a charity event that started at Penn State University in 1973. Since then, over 80,000 schools have started their own Dance Marathons and together raise a total of $125 million each year, benefiting a local charity of the school’s choice.

Dance Marathon has become the largest student-run philanthropy on almost every campus that it is held. Activities at the… Continue

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From Auburn to Industry and Back Again

Dr. John Evans is a professor in Auburn University's Samuel Gin College of Engineering. He teaches classes in Industrial Systems Engineering and is the associate director for Advanced Vehicle Electronics. Evans is taking his experience in industry and incorporating what he has learned into his classroom.

Evans, an Auburn graduate, came to teach at Auburn after working for Chrysler Huntsville Electronics division as the business and technology manager. While working for the Huntsville… Continue

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UPC's Tiger Mania a Success

The University Program Council is famous for bringing divers events to Auburn’s campus. This week UPC hosted several events for students to partake in on campus. On Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2008, Tiger Mania was held on Cater Lawn. Tiger Mania is equivalent to the annual event Tiger Nights, except that it is held during the day.

Erin Hutchins, the director of volunteers for UPC, has been involved with UPC for four years. As director of volunteers, Hutchins is responsible for taking… Continue

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Greek Week: Calling All Greeks...And non-Greeks

It’s official. Greek Week 2008 has begun.

Sunday, September 28 kicked off the exciting week, as the Greek organizations on Auburn’s campus enjoy food, entertainment and good-natured competition, in an effort to give back to the community.

“Greek Week is a spirit organization for all Greeks. We are trying to show a united front for Greek pride. We do a lot here on campus and are just trying to show the campus how involved we really are,” said Leah Gordon, the Director of… Continue

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Auburn's New Support Group,

A new support group for the Auburn/ Opelika area just started up. AMEProjects main focus is to provide free confidential support, education and training.

They meet every other Thursday in the Bruno’s community center and it’s open to everyone.

Director and manager James Mayo explains, “Our mission is to help prepare young adults to become productive citizens by providing a support, work and learning environment where they feel challenged, respected and accountable as they… Continue

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Feelings Toward Construction

It’s kind of a love/hate relationship. I know the construction on campus will eventually help the university out in the long run but I really think Auburn could have scheduled the construction better.

Haley Concourse is probably the busiest place on campus. A lot of the major courses are in Haley and several departments are located in the building as well. We have all seen the big chain-link fence in front of Haley where they are redoing the sidewalks. Because of this, I have to take the… Continue

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Get down with Sara Beth Brown

As Miss Auburn, Sara Beth Brown is starting a new tradition at Auburn University by having the first annual “Auburn’s Getting’ Down to Change the World Around!” Dance Marathon. All of the proceeds of the event will be contributed to her platform, Habitat for Humanity of Lee County. It will allow the students and residents of Auburn to help build houses for those right here in our own community. Brown believes by doing this, a real change will be made, starting right here at… Continue

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Campus Tours :: Hosted by Students

Before ever becoming an Auburn student, most applicants take a tour of the University campus. The tour is filled with trivia about the history of the buildings on campus and a wealth of tradition. The people who give the tours are students; many of the students are the ones who chose Auburn as a result of their own tour of the campus before choosing Auburn.

Patrick Llewellyn, a junior in biomedical science and vice president of outreach for student recruiters, says, “Our main job on… Continue

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Finding your new best friend

For the last 34 years the Lee County Humane Society has been serving the citizens of the community. In 1999 the organization opened the doors of its current facility, the Glyde Memorial Shelter located in Auburn, Ala.

The organization is run under the direction of executive director, Heather Meadows. She says, “The Lee County humane society is dedicated to serving the citizens of our community through animal rescue, the promotion of responsible companionship and the elimination of… Continue

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The Amazing Race 13 :: Real Reality TV

Every fall brings in the changing of leaves, new students, football fanatics and new television seasons. While each holds its own excitement, many people find the new seasons the most interesting. For some times, people have been ready for the change in casts, the brand new stories and the answers they have all been waiting for. This season was no different. With shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Entourage, and Survivor and One Tree Hill already begun some anxieties have been erased. But for others,… Continue

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AU Student Interns with the Ellen DeGeneres Show

It’s not every day you wake up and think, “I’m going to apply for an internship across the country with Ellen DeGeneres,” but for Auburn University sophomore Kelley Andrews, this was certainly the case. The public relations student thought she would try it and see what happens. Fate stopped at her doorstep that day, and changed her plans for the upcoming summer.

After applying on-line, Andrews later received a phone call in May from The Ellen DeGeneres show asking if she would like… Continue

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A Change of Old Auburn Ale House

Fall brings students back to the plains, football season back to full swing and Auburn’s downtown back to life. As the weather crisps and “War Eagles” resound, students, alumni and fans flood bars and restaurants near campus to enjoy the infamous Auburn atmosphere. For one downtown restaurant, however, the 2008 season ushers in more than just returning customers.

This season, as Old Auburn Ale House closes in on a decade of operation, a distinctive flavor is being embraced with a… Continue

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