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The Hottest Fall Fashions

If you spent your entire summer in a swimsuit or sweats rarely thinking about clothing, now is the time to get back up to date with the latest fashions for back to school. After talking to the stores around downtown Auburn, it is clear that this fall is going to be a season of jewel tones and bold accessories. So if rich, dark purple is the new black, then we are in for a colorful fall.

So pull back out your flat boots and continue wearing the animal prints from last season. In… Continue

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AU Bookstore Prepares for the Back-to-School Rush

As the summer comes to a close and Auburn students make their way back to the Plains, the staff at AU Bookstore is preparing for textbook mayhem.

The beginning of each semester always brings students and their syllabi into the store looking for books and supplies needed for all of their classes. The shelves are labeled by subject, but there are always plenty of employees on hand to help locate items.

Professors supply the bookstore with their book order, which the store… Continue

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An Olympian

With the start of a new Olympics, I looked up Coby Miller, a former Olympian and silver medal recipient. He competed in the 2000 summer Olympics in Track and Field and is training for the upcoming Olympic Games.

I was curious to find out what’s the day in the life of a past and perhaps future Olympian.

His event is the sprints and say his specialty is running the 100m and 200m.

His days consisted of training for the Olympics under Auburn’s track and field coach,… Continue

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Add Some Variety to Your Workout With Variations

If you are like most college students, you are looking for anytime you can to squeeze in a quick workout between classes and hanging out with your friends. But what if there was a way that you could workout, hang out with friends and not even realize you are working out? Variations dance studio's Dance Cardio class is the solution.

With the Dance Cardio class, it does not matter if you have been dancing your entire life or just bust a few moves at the bar every now and then. When you… Continue

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We Have Reached the End...

It seems like yesterday when we were all packing up our things and gearing up for the next four years of our lives. We endured countless quizzes and tests while always making it out to the fraternities and bars for some midnight fun. It has been said that this is the best time of our lives. It was.

Reaching the end of what seemed like a never-ending experience is surreal. After four years of fun and hard work, it is now time to pack up our childhood and enter the world of bills, jobs… Continue

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Here comes the bride

Some college students are faced with a dilemma almost as tough as finding a job after graduation...getting hitched!

A difference many students find at Auburn, rather than other schools such as Samford, is the rush to get married. Now don't get it wrong, there are several students at Auburn who get married in college or right after, but there's not the pressure of all of your friends getting married and being left out of the loop because you haven't found the perfect man or… Continue

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Cloudmont, Al...an unexpected Alabama getaway

Of all the things Alabama has to offer, a ski resort is not what I expected to find. Cloudmont has two one-thousand foot, beginner-intermediate slopes. There are two "pony lifts" that can take skiers to the top of the slopes which have an elevation of 1,800 feet and a vertical rise of 150 feet. Since 1970, they have used advanced snow-making equipment as soon as cold overnight temperature drops to 28 degrees or colder. This is quality machine-made snow which allows it to survive the warmer… Continue

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Would You Like a Witty Comment With Those Peanuts?

I have long understood Southwest to be the airlines full of fun and laughter but is Delta adopting a new technique, one that leave the client with a smile one their face and a secret plea for more?

My airline of chose for a trip I made this weekend was Delta. Not because they have superb service or reliable departure times, but because its the only airlines that had non-stop flights home. I was pleasantly surprised at some of the new accommodations they have made. Now there are more ticket… Continue

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The college of engineering adds a new minor

The university has so many different majors and minors for students to choose from. The pool of potential career choices is so wide, it may be difficult for students to choose one. Administration does well to decide which majors and minors the school should offer in order to provide students with the best education for their futures.

The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering recently developed an automotive engineering minor for their engineering students. With the automotive expansion… Continue

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Getting to know OLLI at Auburn

OLLI at Auburn, formerly known as AUall is an organization committed to learning and obtaining knowledge over a long period of time. It is an interesting organization, their main group of members are retired people who are interested in the life long learning program. OLLI stands for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Some of the things their members take part in and more information about the organization are outlined below.

OLLI began in 1990, since then they have obtained about… Continue

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Alpha Kappa Psi Can Help You Get a Job

With graduation approaching for many, students start to think about the next chapter in their lives. This chapter includes finding a job in the world outside of college. But in order to obtain a job, you have to successfully get through an interview, as well as, have a decent resume. Alpha Kappa Psi can help you with both.

Alpha Kappa Psi is not your typical fraternity. It is a business fraternity and includes men and women. The entire purpose of the fraternity is to build strong… Continue

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SEE Auburn

The Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs introduced a new program this summer that allows incoming freshman to get a head start on their college career. The summer enrichment experience, better known as “SEE,” hosts students from underserved areas for four weeks as they take classes, go on field trips and learn more about themselves and college life.

The goal of the program is to increase enrollment of students from… Continue

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Transfer Student - Liz Zerkus

Each year hundreds of students transfer from other colleges. It can be because the college is too far from home or it just wasn't the right fit. Whatever the case is, most students no matter how far away can find comfort in being a part of the Auburn University family. Many students seek out Auburn as a home away from home.

For, now, Sophomore Liz Zerkus it was the fit. Liz started college in the fall of 2007 at Georgia State. After one semester of living downtown she transferred to… Continue

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Matt Laney discusses the importance of connecting with students through social media

Social media has become such a crucial aspect of public relations communication. There are so many different things social media can be used for to improve a communication messages. Auburn University has made strides to keep up with the social media trend.

Matt Laney works in the office of communication and marketing as their multimedia specialist. His job basically consists of providing assistance for AU Daily, updating and making changes to the Web site and monitoring our YouTube… Continue

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When the summer heat gets intense remember to protect your skin

Last week at the Auburn Pharmaceutical Care Center was sun safety week. The Pharmaceutical Care Center wanted to stress the importance of wearing sunscreen all the time instead of just when people go to the beach. They explained several reasons why it is important to always wear sunscreen.

Some of the ways they wanted to help people understand the importance of sunscreen were prizes from a drawing, information packets and a demonstration with the Skinscope F 102. The Skinscope is a… Continue

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Interning for Life

For every senior, their final semester is usually a bittersweet one. You are excited to start a new chapter in your life, yet sad that your college years have come to a close. Some students come in to their final class with a scantron in one hand and a number two pencil in the other, realizing that the only thing keeping them from graduating is a 40-question test waiting on their desk. However, for the Auburn University Department of Communication and Journalism, a test is not the only thing… Continue

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Warner Bros. Respect for Ledger

With all the publicity and excitement of the recently released “The Dark Knight,” Warner Brothers Pictures could have easily played up the tragic death of one of the films stars, Heath Ledger. The months and weeks preceding the films debut on July 18 have been filled with movie trailers and interviews from cast members, but the respect for the deceased Ledger has been great. Exploiting the dead for revenue is deplorable, but in this case I can… Continue

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Just4Him...not your average barber shop


Are you a man? Are you in need for a haircut now? Did you forget to make an appointment over a week ago? If this is you, then “Just 4 Him” is the exactly where you need to head.

This is not your typical salon. Men can feel free to relax, drink a free beer (if you’re over 21) and even enjoy a sports manicure/pedicure without feeling judged by their female counter parts. Who says men can’t indulge in the pleasures most frequented by women. Other services involve a scalp…

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Sequoyah Caverns....adventures below the surface

If you don’t mind a short 3 hour drive, then do not miss out on Sequoyah Caverns in Valley Head, Al. Here holds beautiful caves to be explored, fishing, gem mining, animal watching, hiking to Lookout Point, fishing and camping.

Exploring the caverns is Sequoyah Caverns’ most popular attraction. There are amazing reflection pools and many intriguing passageways. You can take a walk on the footpaths through years of natural history. Over the years, nature has transformed the caverns… Continue

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Lake Martin: A Perfect Escape

It’s summer and you might be looking for a great getaway vacation. The problem: not enough time, and/or not enough money. Don’t worry Auburn students, Lake Martin is a short 45 minute drive away.

With the picturesque drive in, and the lake levels finally where they should be (Last summer lake levels made the massive lake look like a ghost town from the old Wild West. I think some may have found sunken treasure.) why not spend a day at the lake with a few friends.

Going out… Continue

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